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  • Calming Your Child's Anxiety About COVID-19 3/24/2020

    How do you calm any anxiety your child might have around COVID-19? The following tips from Stamford Health's pediatric experts may help.

  • Newborn Behavior: Is this Normal? 2/4/2020

    If you’re a new parent, congratulations! Here are answers to your most pressing questions about taking care of your baby, from newborn behavior and stool color to sleeping habits and feeding.

  • Halloween Safety Tips for Parents 10/29/2019

    When it comes to Halloween, it pays to lay down some ground rules. Hint: bobbing for apples isn't sanitary.

  • How to Choose the Right Pediatrician 10/15/2019

    You're faced with the big step of finding a pediatrician near you. Dr. Gerald Rakos of Stamford Health addresses how to find a pediatrician.

  • Preparing Your Child for a Hospital Stay 9/12/2019

    For children, the anticipation of a hospital stay can cause mixed feelings. Dr. Gerald Rakos of Stamford Health discusses preparing your child for a hospital stay in our blog.

  • SIDS Prevention Checklist 10/17/2018

    Is it possible to prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome? (SIDS)? Here's what Stamford Health's neonatal experts have to say in our blog.

  • 5 Questions With Dr. Weinberg, Pediatric Surgery 12/7/2017

    Until recently, access to pediatric specialty care was limited. The leadership of Stamford Health has committed significant resources to upgrading pediatric care.

  • 5 Questions With Dr. Shahrzad Mohammadi, Pediatrics 11/9/2017

    "[I chose] Stamford Hospital because of its visionary leadership with strong commitment to the health of our local population, especially needs of children."

  • Athletic Injuries in Children 6/19/2017

    Here are some telltale signs that may help to prevent future injuries in child and adolescent athletes.

  • New Year's Resolutions for Teens 1/5/2017

    Get your kids on board with weight loss without preaching or nagging. Here's how to help motivate them internally.

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