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  • Ease Cold & Flu Symptoms 9/16/2021

    Read tips from Dr. Joann Lodescar, a primary care provider with Stamford Health, on how to ease your symptoms of a common cold or flu.

  • 7 Reasons to See a Cardiologist 9/13/2021

    When it comes to your heart health, it's all about staying informed and making healthy lifestyle choices. Dr. David Hsi, Chief of Cardiology at Stamford Health, explains 7 reasons to see a cardiologist.

  • Do the Flu and COVID Vaccines Play Nice Together? 9/10/2021

    Yes, you can get your COVID vaccine with your flu shot. Here are 5 things you should know right now about flu season, from Stamford Health's Dr. Asha Shah, infectious diseases physician.

  • Do I Need to Get a Colonoscopy? 9/7/2021

    There are many reasons why people put off their colonoscopy screening. Here are our answers to the most common excuses. Learn why colonoscopies are necessary.

  • 5 Things to Know About the Delta Variant 8/26/2021

    COVID-19 is far from over. Here are 5 things you should know right now according to Stamford Health's infectious disease experts.

  • Pregnancy and Breastfeeding During COVID-19 8/25/2021

    Many expectant mothers have questions around pregnancy and breastfeeding during COVID-19. Stamford Health Obstetrics and Maternity leadership has the answers in our blog.

  • 5 Ways to Reduce Stress 8/17/2021

    Learn from Dr. Rashma Jhunja, a primary care provider with Stamford Health Medical Group, about how to manage your stress and improve your well-being.

  • The COVID-19 Vaccine: Myths, Truths and the Bottom Line 8/3/2021

    Stamford Health’s infectious diseases experts weigh in on some of the most misunderstood beliefs about the COVID-19 vaccine. Learn more in our blog.

  • Medicinal and Aroma Healing Garden Celebrates its 10th Anniversary 8/2/2021

    The Center for Integrative Medicine and Wellness (CIMW) champions a medicinal and aroma healing garden at Stamford Health's Tully Health Center (Tully). Learn more about the garden in our blog.

  • Fever in Adults: When to Worry 7/27/2021

    Why do adults get fevers and sometimes with no other symptoms? When should you worry about a temperature? Dr. Karen Justiniano, Stamford Health physician, tells all.

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