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  • Buying an Athletic Shoe 5/24/2016

    A shoe must be built for safety. The higher intensity of your workout, the higher the chance for overuse or injury. Learn about important factors in choosing a running shoe.

  • Small Changes for High Blood Pressure 5/23/2016

    With all the summer barbecues and cook-outs coming up, it is important to think about the factors in your life that could affect your blood pressure and heart health.

  • Keeping Allergies at Bay 5/16/2016

    Learn tips to follow to help keep allergies under control.

  • Stroke: Reduce, Recognize, Respond 5/9/2016

    With stroke being the fourth leading cause of death in the United States and the leading cause of disability, this disease affects millions of people. Help us raise awareness of stroke!

  • Facts About Olive Oil 5/2/2016

    Many would agree that olive oil is an acceptable oil to use when cooking, especially since it is one of the oldest known culinary oils and is considered “heart-healthy”. However, which one is best to use?

  • Sleep and Breast Cancer: What’s the Link? 4/25/2016

    We all know that a lack of sleep can make us irritable and impair our function, but even the loss of the one hour of sleep as a result of “springing forward” has been shown to have detrimental effects.

  • Help Name Our New Transport Robots 4/22/2016

    The four new TUG transport robots are nearly ready for active duty. Cast your vote to help give them names!

  • Alcoholism’s Effects on Women 4/19/2016

    Alcoholism is a disease of the brain characterized by a strong compulsion to drink, loss of control in stopping once drinking has begun, and physical withdrawal symptoms when drinking has stopped.

  • “Feets” of Strength: From Injury to Adventure 4/12/2016

    Nancy considers herself a physically fit person and was about to embark on an adventure when life threw a challenge her way. Read her story.

  • Stamford Health Makes a Difference in Kenya 4/7/2016

    From Stamford to Kenya: Anne Goebel’s story.

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Page of 7, showing pages 41-50 of 68