Hernia Surgery and Treatment Options

Our experience in treating complicated hernias gives you more options. Most hernias can be treated with a minimally invasive laparoscopic procedure on an outpatient basis. Some are complex and require more time in surgery and longer hospital stays. 

Our Hernia Expertise Includes: 

Curious About Hernia Treatments?

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  • Groin hernias including: inguinal, femoral, and obturator hernias
  • Umbilical hernias
  • Spigelian hernias
  • Lumbar hernias
  • Incisional hernias
  • Diaphragmatic hernias
  • Multiple recurrent hernias
  • Chronic and acute mesh infections
  • Enterocutaneous fistula and chronic open wounds related to complications from prior abdominal surgery

Hernia Treatment Options Include:

  • Advanced, minimally invasive laparoscopic and robotic surgery that uses keyhole incisions and promotes a faster recovery and can result in less pain.
  • Posterior component separation for larger hernias to allow for abdominal wall closure. Larger hernias displace the abdominal wall muscles. By returning these muscles to the correct position we can regain functionality of the abdominal wall in larger hernias while minimizing complications and decreasing the risk of infection.
  • Enterocutaneous fistula takedown—reconstruction of the GI tract and associated abdominal wall defects.