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We offer ultrasounds at the Tully Health Center, Darien Imaging Center, Greenwich Imaging Center, Wilton Imaging Center, and our main hospital.

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Ultrasound is painless and radiation-free imaging procedure that visualizes internal structures by recording and directing sound waves to a specific area of the body. These high frequency sound waves are transmitted through a transducer, which is a device that converts them into electrical impulses. A computer converts the electrical impulses into images that are displayed onto a monitor and recorded so that a radiologist can view them and interpret the results. Our highly skilled technologists perform ultrasound examinations in the areas of:

  • Breast, for screening of breast cancer
  • Vascular, to evaluate all blood vessels in the body. Examples of testing include Carotid, Lower Extremity Venous and Arterial Duplex, Venous Insufficiency, Mesenteric and Renal Artery Duplex
  • OB/GYN including first trimester pregnancies,
  • Pediatric, including for our tiniest patients
  • Abdominal imaging

The transducer will be coated with a colorless gel to help it glide over your skin. The transducer is moved to various positions on the area of your body being studied so that different views can be obtained. You will feel slight pressure while the transducer is glided over your skin