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Pediatric Hospitalists

Meeting your child’s needs. With compassion. 24/7.

Children love to laugh. Play. Be at home with family. When they’re sick or injured, or simply don’t know what’s wrong, they can feel scared. The good news? Many want to surround them—and your family—with care, joy, and sympathy. That’s where our team of Pediatric Hospitalists comes in.

What’s a Pediatric Hospitalist? A pediatrician whose main responsibility is the care of a hospitalized child. You can count on him or her to:

  • Work directly with your child’s primary pediatrician.
  • Provide your child with 24/7 inpatient care.
  • Stay involved in every aspect, from admission to discharge.
  • Ensure a seamless transition after discharge back to your child’s primary care physician.

Our highly trained staff will assure your child receives the comprehensive quality care he or she deserves. In addition, our hospitalists serve on many committees and have access to multiple specialists as needed, all with the goal of putting safety and quality first.

Our Team Includes:

  • Letitia Borras, MD and Co-Director
  • Shahrzad Mohammadi, MD and Co-Director
  • Barry Melton, MD
  • Suja Abraham, MD
  • Georgette Katsetos, MD
  • John Dubaz, MD
  • Elijah Paintsil, MD