Breast Cancer Screening

Personalized care. Clinical excellence.

At the Bennett Cancer Center and Women’s Breast Center, we are dedicated to the health and well-being of women like you. We stand behind compassionate and comprehensive breast care with the support of leading-edge technology. Consider this an investment in your health and healing.

We are proud to offer you:
  • Advanced computer-assisted detection software
  • Bone densitometry exams that can be scheduled at the same time as a mammogram for the patient’s convenience
  • Breast MRI with the highest-resolution images available in Fairfield County
  • Breast ultrasound for diagnostic exams, and screening for patients with dense breast tissue
  • Digital mammography: Women ages 40-70 should have a professional breast exam and mammogram yearly
  • Equipment and procedures for minimally invasive biopsies
We help make this experience as easy as possible for you by:
  • Offering two locations for routine and diagnostic screenings — at the Tully Health Center and the Darien Imaging Center.
  • Providing expanded weekend hours to ensure you can schedule appointments with ease.
  • Assigning one central number to call to schedule mammogram appointments, regardless of your preferred facility.
  • Pre-registering you the night before your exam to make check-in as efficient as possible.
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