Familial Colorectal Cancer Registry

Are you a high risk for colon cancer?

Stamford Hospital's Familial Colorectal Cancer Registry is the first of its kind in Connecticut. Our team aims to collect data to track colorectal and related cancers in those with history of the disease. The goal of the registry is to educate families who may be at risk and to reduce their chances of developing colorectal cancer.

We collect information from individuals relating to the hereditary aspects of colon cancer. The information collected includes the medical and family history of people who have either been diagnosed with certain types of cancer or identified as being at high risk due to their family history. This information is stored and managed by the registry staff, in a confidential and secure manner.

Registry members receive general screening information and updates on the latest research opportunities, as well as access to pertinent information from a variety of sources, including the registry's website, which provides up-to-date findings, screening guidelines and new research results.

Top reasons for learning your family history now:

  1. It doesn't cost a thing, and it could save your life.
  2. You owe your mother a phone call anyway.
  3. Every family has a story, but not every family has YOUR story.
  4. Sometimes with a little help from the past, you can change the future.
  5. The best gift you can give your children is a family tree (no batteries required!).
  6. If you don't know, who will?
  7. Personalized medicine is in. One-size-fits-all medicine is so last century.
  8. When you need to know, they may not be there to ask.
  9. It's not just recipes that get passed down in families.
  10. What you don't know CAN hurt you.
  11. Once you shake the branches, you can never tell what falls from the family tree.

Here are our goals:

  • Educate people at high risk of developing colorectal and related cancers
  • Promote knowledge of the implications of having a family history of colorectal and related cancers
  • Provide up-to-date information regarding colorectal cancer syndromes, screening and cancer prevention methods
  • Establish and maintain a website containing information regarding the Registry, colorectal cancer syndromes, and the genetic counseling program at Stamford Hospital
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