Frank's Story

FrankThe Bennett Cancer Center helped me beat my cancer and it’s why I’m here today.

Frank V. felt great. But a routine physical showed his PSA numbers were high. In December 2012, a biopsy revealed that he had the early stages of prostate cancer. Finding out you have cancer is difficult for everyone. Even more so perhaps for Frank, whose wife was a cancer survivor. Frank saw what she had gone through - would he have to endure the same exhausting process?

Frank researched and studied his options, from traditional treatments to newer procedures. He met with several surgeons and radiation oncologists – then he saw the Stamford Hospital Bennett Cancer Center's CyberKnife® ads. He learned that CyberKnife is a painless, non-invasive treatment that targets tumors with pinpoint accuracy. He also found out that a family friend had great results with his treatment at Stamford Hospital. Frank made an appointment with a Dr. Masino in January of 2013.

Right from the start, Frank and Dr. Masino clicked. He was very impressed with the doctor's compassion and knowledge. Five minutes into his meeting, he knew he wanted to pursue his treatment at Stamford Hospital with CyberKnife. For ten days Frank had his treatments every other day, continuing to work from home. He said the whole process was painless - physically and mentally. To Frank, it was the best decision he had ever made.

Between the convenient location and the level of care and attention he received, Frank says he would recommend Dr. Masino, Stamford Hospital's Bennett Cancer Center and CyberKnife to anyone looking for one of the most advanced and effective treatments for prostate cancer. In his words, his experience with everything at Stamford was "top notch."