Cancer Program Practice Profile Report (CP3R)

Caring for cancer patients requires a multidisciplinary approach and encompasses numerous physicians and non-physician professionals responsible for making important decisions about program goals and evaluating and improving the quality of cancer care that is provided to patients. Quarterly meetings ensure that administrative responsibilities related to cancer program functions are carried out and compliance with American College of Surgeons standards are met.

On an ongoing basis, the Bennett Cancer Center’s Cancer Committee reviews, monitors and reports on quality of care measures established by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer (CoC). These measures outlined in the Cancer Program Practice Profile Report (CP3R) include those established for breast cancer (summarized below). The BCC will continue to monitor these benchmarks, as well as additional measures for other major cancer types.

The BCC has been enrolled in the Rapid Quality Reporting System since 2011. This is a real-time data collection program to ensure all patients get timely care. The system assesses hospital-level performance using National Quality Forum-endorsed cancer care quality measures. This system tracks patients and alerts staff to ensure patients does not miss critical timelines in their care.

Measure Outcomes

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Interpreting This Report: The estimated performance rates shown on the table to the right provide your cancer program with an estimate of the proportion of patients concordant with measure criteria by diagnosis year. If appropriate the CoC Standard and benchmark compliance rate is provided. This application provides cancer programs the opportunity to examine data to determine if performance rates are representative of the care provided at the institution and to review and modify case information using the review function for the measure of interest.