Stamford Hospital Physicians Recognized As “Top Docs” By Connecticut Magazine

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Published on May 01, 2014

Stamford Hospital Physicians Recognized As “Top Docs” By Connecticut Magazine

Connecticut Magazine recognized 83 Stamford Hospital physicians in its annual list of Top Doctors in the April 2014 issue.

Connecticut Magazine has again recognized so many of our dedicated and skilled physicians for their ability to care for our community,” said Sharon Kiely, MD, Senior Vice President of Medical Affairs and Chief Medical Officer, Stamford Hospital. “It’s an honor to be associated with those who have been acknowledged by their peers for their outstanding clinical expertise.”

More than 5,000 questionnaires were sent to Connecticut doctors, asking them to recommend a doctor (other than themselves) to whom they would send a loved one for expert medical care. In this year’s survey, the focus was on eight specialties: allergy and immunology, cardiology, endocrinology, family medicine, geriatric medicine, internal medicine, orthopedics and podiatry. The top vote-getters in each of those categories made the Top Docs listings, along with all those doctors in other specialties who finished at the top of our surveys from the years 2011-2013.

Those Stamford Hospital doctors recognized (by specialty) include:

  • Allergy & Immunology: Dr. Denis Bouboulis, Dr. Paul S. Lindner, Dr. Mark D. Litchman, Dr. Agnes MatczukCardiovascular Disease: Dr. Charles B. Augenbraun, Dr. Jeffrey A. Green, Dr. David J. Lomnitz
  • Colon & Rectal Surgery: Dr. Charles E. Littlejohn, Dr. James M. McClane
  • Dermatology: Dr. Steven A. Kolenik, Dr. Ellen S. Naidorf, Dr. Debra L. Pruzan-Clain
  • Endocrinology: Dr. Mary E. Arden-Cordone, Dr. Bismruta Misra, Dr. Antonio Pantaleo, Dr. Noel I. Robin
  • Family Medicine: Dr. Rod Acosta, Dr. Angelo Mallozzi
  • Gastroenterology: Dr. Robert M. Dettmer, Dr. Sarah A. Kahn, Dr. Stuart Waldstreicher
  • General Surgery: Dr. James A. Bonheur, Dr. Kevin D. Miller
  • Hematology Oncology: Dr. Michael H. Bar, Dr. K.M. “Steve” Lo
  • Infectious Disease: Dr. Gavin X. McLeod, Dr. Michael F. Parry, Dr. James R. Sabetta
  • Internal Medicine: Dr. James J. Bivona, Dr. Ted E. Listokin, Dr. Remi M. Rosenberg, Dr. Frederick B. Slogoff
  • Interventional Cardiology: Dr. David P. Lorenz, Dr. Thomas J. Nero
  • Nephrology: Dr. Eric Y. Brown, Dr. Brenda S. Chan, Dr. William H. Hines
  • Neurological Surgery: Dr. Paul J. Apostolides, Dr. Mark H. Camel, Dr. C. Cory Rosenstein, Dr. Scott L. Simon
  • Neurology: Dr. Louise D. Resor, Dr. Alice H. Rusk, Dr. Evangelos D. Xistris
  • Obstetrics & Gynecology: Dr. Gary S. Besser, Dr. Corinne E. de Cholnoky, Dr. Adam A. Ofer
  • Ophthalmology: Dr. Eric L. Wasserman, Dr. James Wong
  • Orthopedic Surgery: Dr. Jeffrey J. Brooks, Dr. Peter W. Hughes, Dr. Marc D. Silver, Dr. Craig D. Tifford
  • Otolaryngology: Dr. Bruce H. Klenoff, Dr. Jason R. Klenoff, Dr. Stephen J. Salzer
  • Pain Management: Dr. Emmy Lu
  • Pediatrics: Dr. Jennifer F. Henkind, Dr. Timothy H. Kenefick, Dr. Rosemary E. Klenk, Dr. Arnold B. Korval, Dr. Susan Lasky, Dr. Dorothy A. Levine, Dr. Jeanne M. Marconi, Dr. Alan H. Morelli, Dr. Sanford L. Swidler
  • Plastic Surgery: Dr. Leif O. Nordberg, Dr. David Passaretti, Dr. Arthur R. Rosenstock
  • Podiatry: Dr. Jeremy A. Bier, Dr. Andrew H. Rice, Dr. Peter Y. Siroka
  • Psychiatry: Dr. F. Carl Mueller
  • Pulmonary Disease: Dr. James S. Krinsley, Dr. Dominic J. Roca, Dr. Paul Sachs, Dr. Steven A. Thau
  • Radiology: Dr. Michael H. King
  • Rheumatology: Dr. Sharon W. Karp, Dr. Tomas J. Vietorisz
  • Thoracic Surgery: Dr. Christos G. Pappas
  • Urology: Dr. Michael J. Nurzia, Dr. Jonathan A. Waxberg

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