Published on September 06, 2018

Tackle Physician Burnout with Proactive Solutions

By Matt Humphrey, President

Physician burnout is a hot topic, but effective solutions have been more elusive. In March 2017, 10 CEOs of the nation’s most prominent health systems examined physician burnout, proposing an 11-item call to action (Health Affairs).

In a new article, Susan Emerson, senior vice president of strategic planning and business development at Private Health News/MedNews Plus shares a structured approach to physician well-being implemented at Stamford Health in Connecticut that has had measurable results.

“Stamford is a Planetree-designated facility with an emphasis on care for the caregiver,” says Sharon C. Kiely, MD, senior vice president, medical affairs, and chief medical officer at Stamford Health. “Despite that, and despite our high physician engagement and satisfaction scores, we still had colleagues in crisis.”

“One example that really hit home was when a medical staff member of 30 years told me he had never felt so isolated from the medical staff as during a recent, severe medical illness. So we undertook a journey to learn how to do this better.”

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