Published on January 01, 2017

The Advocate - Op-Ed Series on the State of Healthcare and Hospitals

By Brian G. Grissler, President & CEO, Stamford Health

Three articles authored by Stamford Health President & CEO Brian G. Grissler provide insight into the role of hospitals in the community, as well as the challenges and changes caused by a rapidly evolving U.S. health care system. 

The first article appeared in the December 18 Advocate, explaining the vital role hospitals and healthcare institutions play. Read the full article, "Building a Healthier Community".

The second op-ed appeared in the Greenwich Time on December 25, outlining the responsibility hospitals have to care for the community. Read the full article, "The Culture of Caring for a Community".

The last article appeared in the Sunday Advocate, laying out some challenges facing hospitals – particularly around the inconsistent regulatory oversight of independent versus hospital-based care. Read the full article, "Doing ‘Harm’ to Our Communities?".